Home Objectives

The overall objectives of the DIREKT project are:

  • To strengthen the internal science and technology capacity in the field of renewable energy of ACP-SIDS;
  • To foster sustainable cooperation between the science and technology community between the participant countries and the EU;
  • To contribute to the transfer of research results on the key topic of renewable energies, by means of the establishment of “technology transfer centres” in the participant countries.

wind turbineIn order to contribute to its overall objectives, the DIREKT project focuses on the issue of renewable energy, which is of great relevance for the socio-economic development of the ACP small island developing states.

Therefore, the specific objectives are:

  • To increase the capacity and to improve the quality of research within the scientific and technology community of ACP-SIDS in the field of renewable energy as a tool to fight climate change;
  • To develop and establish a market-oriented research framework to better capitalise upon and disseminate research;
  • To strengthen the link of research communities in ACP-SIDS with the regional markets, businesses and legislation (policy) in the field of renewable energy.

Finally, the project will establish a long-term EU-ACP Small Island Developing States Science and Technology Network.