Transfer centre: Barbados

The University of the West Indies

The DIREKT Project:
Barbados Component - Technology Transfer Centre

Name of Technology Transfer Centre:
Renewable Energy Demonstration Facility


Description of Technology Transfer Centre:
The mission of the Renewable Energy Demonstration Facility will be to transfer innovative knowledge on Renewable Energy technologies to the University community, schools and the wider society, including the business sector and policy makers. The Facility will deliver on its mission by:

  • Testing selected Renewable Energy technologies to evaluate their performance in the environments characteristic of Barbados and the eastern Caribbean.
  • Demonstrating the operation of different Renewable Energy technologies to the stakeholders identified above.
  • Facilitating training to build capacity in the Renewable Energy sector and strengthen the industry in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Training will be through evening classes or short Seminars and Workshops to facilitate the participation of a wide cross-section of the Barbados and wider Caribbean communities.

The Renewable Energy technologies to be displayed, tested and compared will initially be: a Fixed Solar Photovoltaic System, a Single-Axis Tracking Photovoltaic System, a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, and simpler Renewable Energy technologies such as solar cookers and dryers, stills, solar water heaters, and solar mobile generators.

A major focus in terms of display will be models to demonstrate the potential of marine power technologies, given the significant role they could play in the future Caribbean energy profile. These would include Sea Water Air Conditioning, Wave Power (onshore and offshore), and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).

A second major display focus will be models of houses based on different design principles to highlight some of the retrofit adaptations that can make them more energy efficient. The models will allow comparisons to be made of the performance of the different building designs. The building housing the display component of the Facility will itself be used as a demonstration in the context of energy efficiency (shading, natural ventilation, use of LED bulbs), and through the installation of light pipes to channel sunlight into the building, providing increased natural lighting and removing the need for artificial lighting during the day.


Contact Information:
Natasha Corbin, Project Manager
DIREKT Project: Barbados Component
Faculty of Pure Applied Sciences
University of the West Indies
Cave Hill Campus, Barbados
Telephone: 246-417-4739; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it