Transfer centre: Fiji

The University of the South Pacific

Name of Technology Transfer Centre:
Project DIREKT Renewable Energy Research & Technology Transfer Centre - Fiji


Description of Technology Transfer Centre:
The main purpose of the Renewable Energy Research & Technology Transfer Centre will be to act as a virtual hub for communication and information exchange between all renewable energy sectors in the Pacific.

This will be a virtual centre, and will consist of a physical office (with the appropriate communications and data-storage capacity) from where all the Research and Technology Transfer actions of this project will be coordinated. It will be an information hub which businesses, NGOs, other government and private sector organizations, as well as research institutes can access for information on all RE activities in the region. It will store information on Project DIREKT’s Fiji Partner’s plans and activities for the Pacific region. It will also endeavor to build a database on all RE expertise available in the region and promote RE and RE related work in Fiji and the Pacific.

A website for the Pacific community will be created which will be linked to other technology transfer centres through the main DIREKT website. The site will provide access to information on RE and RE-related developments to all in the Pacific. It will have access to networks of business service providers, experienced executives and investors at both national and international levels.

The Centre will make available the latest data and information in renewable energy and related areas e.g climate change, energy efficiency and sustainable development through a database maintained at the Centre. Such information will be of use especially to NGO’s, government officials, regional organizations, businesses as well as researchers and academics.

The Transfer Centre will establish and support a Local Renewable Energy Network. Contacts will be established with RE industry and other organizations at the local and international scales. The Renewable Energy Network will be actively involved in enhancing the local renewable energy situation through innovative solutions and technological development.

Some long term goals of this technology transfer centre will be:

  • Working towards commercializing RE research and inventions for the benefit of Pacific community
  • Supporting economic growth by forging closer ties with industries and government and launching new ventures based on RE technology at USP
  • Facilitating consultancy, collaborative research projects and industry sponsored research projects.


Contact Information:
Dr. Anirudh Singh, Project Coordinator Project DIREKT: Fiji
Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment
The University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Fiji
Phone: +679 3232437, Fax : +679 3231511, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ms Pritika, Project Manager, DIREKT Project-Fiji
Phone: +679 3232404, Fax : +679 3231599, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it